Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturdays we attended a performance at Chuck Swindoll's church, Stonebriar Community was beautiful, so angelic! I only hope that the day that I make those first steps into heaven that I have a choir singing behind me like I heard today!! It was awesome. Allen's neice sang in the choir! What a treat.

When we walked in the door Ginny wanted to put makeup on and put it on the boys took a nap and we had makeovers......well.....not sure if I would call my face a makeover but you get the point. I love Ginny....she makes me laugh soooo hard. She LOVES makeup soooo much!!! haha!!

Reese had tummy time before his nap with Daddy...he is starting to LOVE playing and we just get a kick watching him explore all his new toys!!