Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finley Grace

poolday6 by allenrose8
poolday6, a photo by allenrose8 on Flickr.

Sweet Baby Girl-
You are my little bud these days. You sleep in between Mommy and Daddy and we dont mind one little bit. You LOVE to blow bubbles with your mouth and your smile is contagious. Your eyes light up when you see Ginny and Reese and I know your little heart desires to be JUST like them one day...playing ball, doing cartwheels, you name it. Your personality can be dramatic at times especially when Mommy wants you to take a nap....you are a fighter!!! Just this past week you have started to take a bottle. It lasted one day and now you are strike again. You are better at the paci...but it isnt your favorite. I think you look just like your daddy. It makes me smile that all of our children are soo different...we have a brown, blue and green eyed baby! All three! HOW cool is that?! Mommy LOVES to shop for you....I have got to get a picture up of your closet...it is pretty ridiculous. You are not so much into toys...you love to be right on my hip in all the action. You GO GO GO...we have no schedule and I really dont mind. I love that you go with the flow.

I love you sweet angel. I want to walk over to your crib right now and wake you..I just cant get enough!

Love you always,