Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet Baby Reese

We had a great time today see Reese. I took my gestational diabetes test before these he was very active and didnt want to move his hands from his face. In fact, towards the end I started to get light-headed and he began to cover his face with his hands like, "no more pics, my mommy doesnt feel good". It was really cute, but I felt AWFUL! I am not a sugar-lover and drinking all that glucose really got to me.
Anyway, he is weighing at 2 pounds, 14 ounces and is about a week ahead than scheduled. He has a big head and is just a healthy boy! He is taking every ounce of food from me these days as I am so hungry and eat all the time....yet I have only gained 16 pounds. Doctor wants me to gain about 10 more so we are good to go!! He is perfect in everyway and it is funny hearing all ready, "he looks like Allen" or "Lindsay, he has your mouth"....etc. I will say that to me, he looks JUST like Allen, but my mom says that he looks like me. I love it! I just want him to be here sooo bad!!!
Well, we leave for Gulf Shores, AL with Allen's family. I am very excited to relax for the week with my hubby and sweet girl. Hopefully, we will get good sun as well. We will be returning on Aug. 1st. Please pray for safe travels and whatnot. Thank goodness Ginny is awesome in the car, it is an 11 hour drive!
God Bless!