Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet JAX

We might be crazy...BUT....we have a new addition to our family come July 11th. His name is Jax Rosenbaum and he is an "English White Lab". He is simply precious and comes from a very high profiled pedigree! We thought this would be the time to attempt this puppy thing since this mother dog isnt going to be having anymore puppies... artificial insemination and 12 puppies later we have JAX! I am sure my posts to follow will be all about "why the heck did I get this dog"...BUT, until then, he is cute, lovable and we are so excited to welcome in to our crazy life!

Jax, the one walking, always running the show!

Reese has his little foot on his partner in crime

Jax, the big boy on the right.


The Rays said...

He is so cute! We just got an English black lab... you will have so much fun with him! They are so smart and so funny to watch when they are little!!! Hope ya'll are doing great!

The Garretts said...

All I have to say is good luck Jax! Can't wait to see Ginny with him. You guys are a little crazy, but I love it!!! :)